How to Act on a First Date <3

This is the making or breaking point and your chances to actually start dating the guy, and hopefully be with him forever. First dates can be scary if you have never been on one, but here a few tips on what to do to win him over.

– Guys are all about the looks its in their nature. The best thing to do is dress in something that accentuates your features and brings out the sexy side of you.  I am not saying dress like a slut when you first met, but dress in something that he will find appealing, something that relates to the place you are going, and most importantly, something you feel comfortable in that states your personality

-select a venue that both you and your date will be willing to be able to talk. talking is key, yes a movie date is fine but you will never really get to know the guy this way. so pick a place that is not quit or a place that would make things awkward for the both of you.

-keep the conversations fun and natural its a date so don’t take it like its a business meeting. Have fun think of therandom funny things and just say it. Ask him questions and remember to listen as well it shows that you care.

– make sure you do not over do your makeup because he wont see you for who u really are


1. if he kisses you goodbye or says how you two should meet up again sometime soon, this is a WIN situation you got him!

2. if he doesn’t mention how the date was or doesn’t kiss you, then he was not that fond of you and it is very unlikely that he will meet up or continue further communication with you again.

remember always be yourself! 🙂


What To Do When A Guy Doesn’t Text Back? & Why They Don’t Text Bck

Why they dont text back?

1.not into you

2. busy

3.he might think your needy

4.he’s with someone else

5.he is playing games

*guys that say they dont want a gf now are really just lying; its a nicer way to say, i am not that into you. This is because many guys love to have a significant other  in their lives.

What to do when a guy does not text back?

1. dont keep on constantly texting him just leave it, he will txt back if he wants to.  Your world should not evolve around him or else you will seem to be way too easy . Guys like a hard to get girl (the chase)

2.if, and when he does text, take your time to reply

3. if you asked to make plans and he doesnt reply back for a good 4 hours be like how you already went out with your friends, and maybe you can hang out next week since you didn’t reply back to me.

Questions to Ask a Guy

If you ever get bored and run out of things to ask a guy while talking to him, here a few things to ask to get to know him! 

-whats your favorite color

-whats your favorite animal

-what music u into 

-what kinds of girls you into (be cautious about this one because he might get the wrong vibe so make sure you know were u stand with him or are close friends and if he hints to any qualities that you have then its a good chance he might be into you so don’t ask this question too soon)

-favorite food

-favorite move/ action hero

-favorite clothing store

-favorite season

-favorite past time memory

-favorite car

-have any pets

-favorite holiday

-where do u want to travel

-whats your worst fear

-what are your hobbies

Remember the trick with many of these random questions lies in the answers. If a guy is into you, he may try to give you the answer he thinks you want to hear.Also remember that what is most revealing may not be the actual answer, but how he answers.

What NOT to do when YOU have a Boyfriend….


These are Just Some Stuff you should NOT do in Order to Avoid your Potential Boyfriend from Leaving you….

1. do not act clingy not act needy

3.when a guy needs his space let him have it. Meaning if he says he needs his space dont keep on bugging him asking him “whats wrong” or “tell me” constantly he will just get sick and tired of you

4.don’t be cocky

5.dont ever put your boyfriend down and make him feel useless

6.always thank him for the things he does for u. meaning dont be selfish or else u will take him for granted

7.don’t ask your boyfriend for stuff, he should be willing to do what ever he can “dont be a gold digger” 

8.don’t go after a guy only for his looks, looks fade but personality stays forever. So if your boyfriend is under the weather one day in his looks, don’t bash him saying he looks ugly. 

9. don’t compare your boyfriend to other guys 

10.don’t act like you have no common sense at all because guys don’t like girls that are stupid 

11. don’t flirt with other guys

12. don’t leave him out of your life

13. don’t hide stuff from him

14.don’t lie about were you are going, because you never know if he will find out

15.don’t ignore him or don’t text him for a prolonged period of time 

16. don’t look trashy or not well groomed

17.don’t have bad hygiene

18.don’t share his secrets

19.don’t tell him the relationship isn’t going anywhere unless it is a mutual agreement

20.don’t tell him it will be easier if we broke up and that you don’t like him or love him

21.not spending time with him

22.don’t argue with him about everything and anything

23.don’t have sex with him “as long as ur ready”


*as long as you don’t do these few things, you are well on your way to keep your boyfriend and maybe even having a long lasting relationship*