Questions to Ask a Guy

If you ever get bored and run out of things to ask a guy while talking to him, here a few things to ask to get to know him! 

-whats your favorite color

-whats your favorite animal

-what music u into 

-what kinds of girls you into (be cautious about this one because he might get the wrong vibe so make sure you know were u stand with him or are close friends and if he hints to any qualities that you have then its a good chance he might be into you so don’t ask this question too soon)

-favorite food

-favorite move/ action hero

-favorite clothing store

-favorite season

-favorite past time memory

-favorite car

-have any pets

-favorite holiday

-where do u want to travel

-whats your worst fear

-what are your hobbies

Remember the trick with many of these random questions lies in the answers. If a guy is into you, he may try to give you the answer he thinks you want to hear.Also remember that what is most revealing may not be the actual answer, but how he answers.