How to Get Over Your EX BF


Maybe one day he’ll be back, but maybe he won’t. Either way, you should believe this is over for good, because it’ll mean you’ll find acceptance. Acceptance is what you need to move on

1. the best way I have found is to write on a piece of paper all he positives and all the negatives about your newly ex bf and u will realize how much negatives he really has and it make u thankful that you broke up with him

2. don’t try to suppress your feelings feel the way you want to feel

3. delete his number off ur phone

4. delete his pictures off your phone and social networking

5.remove anything that he got from you and take it away

6.start talking to other guys because you will only truly forget about him once you find another

7.the memories will stay but eventually they will fade away as time goes by

8.always surround yourself with things you love and people that support you

9.find a new hobby or anything that will fill in the void

10. just be happy and enjoy life


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