How to Act on a First Date <3

This is the making or breaking point and your chances to actually start dating the guy, and hopefully be with him forever. First dates can be scary if you have never been on one, but here a few tips on what to do to win him over.

– Guys are all about the looks its in their nature. The best thing to do is dress in something that accentuates your features and brings out the sexy side of you.  I am not saying dress like a slut when you first met, but dress in something that he will find appealing, something that relates to the place you are going, and most importantly, something you feel comfortable in that states your personality

-select a venue that both you and your date will be willing to be able to talk. talking is key, yes a movie date is fine but you will never really get to know the guy this way. so pick a place that is not quit or a place that would make things awkward for the both of you.

-keep the conversations fun and natural its a date so don’t take it like its a business meeting. Have fun think of therandom funny things and just say it. Ask him questions and remember to listen as well it shows that you care.

– make sure you do not over do your makeup because he wont see you for who u really are


1. if he kisses you goodbye or says how you two should meet up again sometime soon, this is a WIN situation you got him!

2. if he doesn’t mention how the date was or doesn’t kiss you, then he was not that fond of you and it is very unlikely that he will meet up or continue further communication with you again.

remember always be yourself! 🙂


How to Get Over Your EX BF


Maybe one day he’ll be back, but maybe he won’t. Either way, you should believe this is over for good, because it’ll mean you’ll find acceptance. Acceptance is what you need to move on

1. the best way I have found is to write on a piece of paper all he positives and all the negatives about your newly ex bf and u will realize how much negatives he really has and it make u thankful that you broke up with him

2. don’t try to suppress your feelings feel the way you want to feel

3. delete his number off ur phone

4. delete his pictures off your phone and social networking

5.remove anything that he got from you and take it away

6.start talking to other guys because you will only truly forget about him once you find another

7.the memories will stay but eventually they will fade away as time goes by

8.always surround yourself with things you love and people that support you

9.find a new hobby or anything that will fill in the void

10. just be happy and enjoy life


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