Signs Your Boyfriend Might be Cheating….


Cheating is something that is morally wrong to do to another but sometimes it happens so its best to know the signs before it gets too late but these have to happen rapiditdly in order to have a higher chance of you bf cheating on you

1. He randomly out of the blue mentions a girl that you never met or know of and he constantly talks about her and hangs out with her

2. puts you in second place barly hear from him be it text or calling or hanging out or is always making excuses saying that he is busy and always going partying and never invites you to come with him

4.he is always too tired to stay out late when he was never before this may mean he is using his energy on someone else

5. if he ever mentions to you “what would you do if i cheated on u” this is a major sign that he is going to do it in the future to see what stuff he can get away with you

6.if he stops complimenting you, doesnt take your advice, sometime when your with him u can smell a perfume scent on him

7.change in sex life like you havnt had sex in a while it may mean he is getting it from someone else

8.mood changes

9.shady behaviour (always on his phone and now has a screen lock when never before, lies, closes his computer when you walk in the room, doesnt give u his password when you ask, always questions you)

10. cares alot more about his body and he is not doing this change for you but for another girl

11.does not show u public affection

12. he seems more distant

13.he tells you he wants to see other people or wants to be a player- he totally has other people in his mind

14.he has cheated on others in the past

15.choice of eating habits suddenly change

16. starts to accuse u of cheating or have thoughts of u cheating even when u have not – means that he prob did and trying to put blame on u



*the real answer is why on earth would you want to be friends with a cheater! they obvs did not respect you enough hence thats why they cheated so its best off that you cut all communication off with this guy and move on with your life it will benefit him and you. There are plenty of other guys that will not do stupidity such as this and he clearly wants to remain friends to either form a friends with benefits with you (dumbest thing ever don’t do this) OR if he fails in finding a new girl, he will want to come back to you