What To Do When A Guy Doesn’t Text Back? & Why They Don’t Text Bck

Why they dont text back?

1.not into you

2. busy

3.he might think your needy

4.he’s with someone else

5.he is playing games

*guys that say they dont want a gf now are really just lying; its a nicer way to say, i am not that into you. This is because many guys love to have a significant other  in their lives.

What to do when a guy does not text back?

1. dont keep on constantly texting him just leave it, he will txt back if he wants to.  Your world should not evolve around him or else you will seem to be way too easy . Guys like a hard to get girl (the chase)

2.if, and when he does text, take your time to reply

3. if you asked to make plans and he doesnt reply back for a good 4 hours be like how you already went out with your friends, and maybe you can hang out next week since you didn’t reply back to me.


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