How to Text a Guy You Like <3



the excitement of texting a guy you like is amazing but its always tough to figure out how to start so here are some ways.

1.ask a question about himself to show that your interested in his life

2, act like you care about him by showing sympathy 

3.ask an open ended questions

4. keep texts short and simple not long sentences because guys barley read everything unless they are your boyfriend lol

5.flirt original by making him laugh not by starting a message with a simple hey every time him that your smart and funny so be original and keep him interested

8.send him an occasional winky face

9.find a common interest and talk about it and remember stuff he is doing or likes so you can bring that back up in the conversation another time

10.make sure you end the conversation at the right timing so he will still want to be interested to talk to you again

– talk to him 3 times first spaced out tho not one day after another and if he likes u after 3 tries, he will message u back first


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